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We have decades of experience restoring and maintaining stone and tile for residential, commercial, institutional, and hospitality properties.

Since 1985 TECHSTONE has maintained a wide variety of surfaces types with a major focus on high quality restoration of stone and tile. This experience has made our company members knowledgeable and capable. Michael Temple and Timothy Kingaby, the founders of TECHSTONE were the first to see a great need on California’s Monterey Peninsula for protecting and restoring natural stone, tile and concrete.

The current owner, Paul Maclin, has expanded to include the Northern California areas of Monterey / Carmel, San Jose, and Santa Cruz as well as Ottawa, ON and Gatineau, QC in Canada. He leads a highly skilled team of craftsmen to ensure that projects are completed efficiently and in their entirety. Stone and tile installations receive the careful attention to quality that signature architectural elements deserve, whether they are in elegant homes or commercial buildings. Paul Maclin and the regional team leaders can advise on maintaining a variety of stones and is a source for specialized equipment and materials.

Aesthetic and practical reasons underlie the choice of specific stones for specific installations. There is never a cookie cutter approach to projects at TECHSTONE. Paul’s knowledge of both the stone and the context yields superior results. High traffic areas, high humidity areas, and sanitary food preparation areas each receive the appropriate treatment. For example, working with porous limestone is not at all like working with dense granite. Each receive individual and unique treatment plans. Likewise, black marble and green marble are very different from other marbles and TECHSTONE is one of the few companies with the specialized equipment and methods to restore them. TECHSTONE provides the restoration suited to the material and the context, including limestone entries, marble showers, granite counters, terracotta floors, terrazzo, concrete, slate and field stone, and brick. Although most architectural stone may be perceived to be virtually indestructible, the appearance of all stone deteriorates from soil, wear, improper cleaning, harsh weather, pollution and numerous other hazards. Proper restoration increases an installation’s lifespan and its beauty. TECHSTONE provides professional evaluations, consultations and restorations.

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Paul Maclin Owner

At the helm

Paul Maclin, owner of Techstone, leads a team of craftsmen who ensure quality service for every job, from elegant homes to commercial buildings. He is always ready to offer advice on maintaining a variety of stones and has the knowledge and experience to understand the underlying aesthetic and practical considerations uniquely inherent to each stone type. He says, “There is never a cookie cutter approach to projects at Techstone.” Paul’s knowledge of both the stone and the environment in which stone is used yields a superior result when it comes to restoration, care, and maintenance services.

For example, Paul notes that repair and restoration methods for high traffic areas, high humidity areas, and sanitary food preparation areas differ, and with Techstone, each receives the appropriate treatment. Under Paul’s direction, Techstone provides the restoration methods best suited to the material and the context, including limestone entries, marble showers, granite counters, terra cotta floors, terrazzo, concrete, slate and fieldstone, and brick.

Paul strives to lead his team to utilize the most efficient and effective approach to restoration, increasing the lifespan and revealing the natural beauty of your stone and tile.

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Reliable Team

When you contract with Techstone, we send only professional, reliable, highly trained technicians. Your floors, countertops and walls are handled with painstaking care and attention to detail. On every job, we mask and protect surrounding areas so none of your furniture or possessions are damaged. We arrive on time, work around your schedule, and get the job done right.

Professional Service

We are a certified Surface Care PROS PRO Partner and a member in good standing with Safe and Compliant. What does that mean to you? It means we meet quality standards in the industry, which include proper training and experience, excellent references, proper licensing and insurance, and professional integrity.

High Standards

The level of craftsmanship that can be achieved in stone and tile care and maintenance depends heavily upon using the proper tools, equipment, and cleaning solutions. We never cut corners when it comes to providing the best possible results for your floors, countertops, and other surfaces. Our investment enables us to outperform most of our competitors.